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Why we LOVE Dogs!

Hello. My name is Laura and I run a small business called Totally Mutts, I am a professional dog groomer and the business is located within Scooby Dees Grooming Parlour in Elburton Village Plymstock. There is free parking very close to the salon, and a coffee shop nearby.

Please take some time to review my website and if after that you want some more information please contact me either by email or please ring me. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

I guess you want to know why I became a dog groomer. Those who know me well will know that for twenty-five years I have been caring for either equines or canines. Grooming is a natural step for me to take, as it allows me to directly care for pets and do something that not only do I enjoy but am also passionate about. 

Totally Mutts is a name that I felt best described me and what I do. 

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To become a dog groomer I undertook a comprehensive training course at a recognised establishment registered with City & Guilds. The training covered all aspects of the grooming process both hands on and theory. I passed that and have a City & Guilds qualification. 

We all want the best for our pets. Dogs are no exception and without regular attention to their coats they become uncomfortable and can host little passengers. A well-kept dog is happier and healthier, and of course more attractive.

Grooming is more than a simple shampoo and trim.

Grooming your dog ensures your dog is free from dirt it also removes dead hair. The removal of dead hair promotes new hair growth resulting in less hair deposited around your house and on your clothes and furniture.

It helps to stimulate new coat growth and prevents the formation of knots, which can turn into Mats. If these are not dealt with can in some cases lead to skin irritation. De-matting can sometimes cause discomfort and stress, so prevention is definitely better than cure! 

Regular grooming will certainly help your dog to look, feel and smell great. Happy well groomed dogs appreciate the care given to them, and look forward to their next grooming session. 


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Totally Mutts City and Guilds qualified dog groomer situated within Scooby Dee's, Elburton village, Plymouth PL9 8HH

Our furry friends deserve the best. whilst offering competitive prices Totally Mutts provide a relaxed environment ensuring a positive grooming experience tailored to your dog’s individual needs.

Your dog's welfare is our priority.

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